Zen Pinball with Newest Graphics and Online Mode

Zen Pinball


If you love to play pinball, why do not try the Zen Pinball from Zen Studios. This pinball game has been released for many consoles, such as iPhone, PS3, Xbobx360 and NDS. This game is very recommended if you are the number one fans of pinball game. For your information, there are 4 more tables for you who love this game so much. They are Shaman, V12, Tesla and El Dorado tables which have their own rules and secrets each table. It is confirmed by Zen Studios that they will add more unique tables to be downloaded by their players. Let us take a little review about this game below.


The gameplay of Zen Pinball is just the same with other pinball games. However, this game has unique cinematic views for the players. For your information, there are five different cameras which you can use to manage the square button of the pinball. Four cameras will follow the movement of your ball. The fifth camera will shoot from wide angle. There is a free look mode if you want to hold the button before releasing the ball. Use Sixaxis to see the entire table of the game. You can also do tilting in this game. Push left analog button to tilt the box. Meanwhile L1 and R1 buttons manage the flipper button of the pinball.


One of the best features that we found in Zen Pinball is slow motion mode. This is amazing because you can see the movement of the ball in slow motion. Moreover, the save mode can be used whenever you want in the game. However, the achievement cannot be obtained through those modes. If you are too bored playing in single player mode, Zen Studios also offer multiplayer mode. Hotseat mode is the name of multiplayer mode of this game. Moreover, there is also online mode. You will play with 4 players at once in order to achieve the highest scores than others.

Zen Pinball Multiplayer Rankings

To be more competitive this game is also featured by multiplayer rankings. Of course, the scoring system is different with single player mode. Every competitor who can finish the game will gain ten points. For leavers, they will get penalty for ten points also. If the fastest player who can get 100 points, he will be the winner. For your information, Zen Studios as the developer of the game also conducts some tournaments frequently. You will see the notifications on the menu screen if there is a tournament of Zen Pinball.