Township Guide to Make Your Town Prosper

Selling goods, harvesting crops, and running facilities in your town are very interesting activities. If you cannot do it in the real world, you can try it first in Township. This Township guide will provide some information to you on how to play the game better. The way to play this game is quite the same as other city building games. However, this game provides more advanced features such as raising animals, mining artifact and traveling to collect exotic items. This game is available for Android and iPhone and before you play the game, there are some guides you have to know to make the development of your town run smoothly.

Getting Coins

To get coins in this game is not an easy task. Selling crops can be the only easy way to do it. So, this Township guide will be started by a recommendation to always grow crops on your fields, even if it is just wheat. Wheat is free and it does not need much time to grow. Growing crops will also increase your xp. You will get more fields and increase the population of the city. If you want to go offline for some time, you have to fill your fields with the crops which have the same growing time as the time you need to go offline. The plant which has the least time to grow is wheat while cacao is the longest. Wheat can be harvested after 2 minutes while cacao needs 8 hours to grow.

Creating Products

Repetitive farming and harvesting are boring, that is why besides farming this game also requires you to create some secondary products like cookies and bread. Making bread is a lot easier than making cookies. So, when you need money, this Township guide will suggest you make bread instead of cookies. To make bread, you only need two pieces of wheat, while making cookies needs three steps, collecting wheat, feeding the chicken to get eggs, and then combine two wheat and two eggs.

Using third party applications like Township hack can be useful if you are a type of player who cannot wait for the harvest time. However, it will make the game less interesting and eliminate the essence of the game. Those tricks above can be applied to help you play more efficient. Township guide is needed not only for the first time player but also for current players who want to make their town better.