The Witness Puzzle Game, So Fun and Addictive

the witness gameplay

One of the most anticipated puzzle game in 2016 for PS4 is The Witness puzzle game. It’s a very interesting puzzle game. You will find that The Witness is different from other puzzle games that available in the market nowadays. Basically, the puzzles in this game is built from one puzzle. In other puzzle games, you will feel intelligent, only intelligent. But, when you are playing The Witness, you will feel that you are a truly human being that using his patience and critical thinking to solve the puzzle. Of course you will also feel intelligent.

You can sit in your place for 10 – 30 hours to think critically solving the puzzle. The Witness puzzle game will make you like Sherlock Holmes when solving his cases and problems. Sometimes you may get frustrated, no need to worry. You just need to take a break a moment from the game to get some fresh air or some foods then you can get back to the game to move to the next level. Maybe you will need to make some notes to remember your puzzle movements. Prepare some papers and a pen, it will be very helpful for you.

Actually, this puzzle game takes place in an island. Then, the island splits into some sections that has different theme and unique puzzle variant. There are many stuffs on the island such as temple, forest, and so on. In each island there will be a master puzzle, a collection of mazes that later will lead you to activate a large yellow crate. That crate will lead you to the top of the mountain. Then, you will find a box with 7 latches that has different beam. The opening of that is your goal in The Witness puzzle game. So interesting to be played.

If you are ready to play this amazing puzzle game, it’s better to prepare some foods and drinks because this game will consume much of your energy for thinking. You will not realize spending many hours when playing this game. It’s so fun and addictive. When you are able to finish a puzzle in this game, you will feel very satisfied. Although it’s a puzzle game, it comes in 3D visual. You will love the visual of this game and doesn’t get bored to stare at it. Having a great puzzle game will be a good addition for you to spend your spare time. The Witness puzzle game should your best friend when you are in front of your TV.