The price of Oculus Rift is now announced

Oculus Rift

If you want to preorder Oculus Rift, you can do it starting from this year. The developer has officially opened the consumer model of this future gaming experience per Wednesday ago. Of course, we will get precious information due this preorder, the price. We know that the price of Oculus VR was a big mystery for us because of its popularity. For your information, this VR does not come alone. You will have a package consisting of Xbox One Controller, a censor and Oculus Remote and flagship games of VR. These games are Lucky’s Tales and Eve: Valkyrie. Both of them are free copies.

The price of preorder Oculus Rift costs $600 per package. This package also consists of a headset which will be released on 28th March later. However, the headset is limited only one per customer. We do not know the reason of this limitation yet. Luckily, this preorder does not require pay upfront. The charge will come after you got the device later. Good news is not ended yet because the consumers who have already preordering this VR, they have a chance as the front liner consumers to purchase Oculus Touch controllers when they are released later.

For your information, the Oculus Rift highly dependents with gaming PC with particular specifications. In other words, the consumers should have the gaming PC that carries out good specs. Moreover, Oculus VR is also supported by some big gaming-companies such as Asus, Alienware and Dell. Thus, their new products will be ready to use Oculus VR without any worry. They also sell some computers which ready to work as same as Oculus Headset. They set the price starting from $950. The consumers will have the same experience as consoles’ gamers while playing on their PC. It is more beneficially for PC gamers though.

Oculus Rift for PC will be preordering next month, February 2016. This is already announced by Oculus as the developer of this virtual reality. Meanwhile, the price starts from $1500 with the headset in a bundle. Nvidia as PC-gaming developer tries to make consumers have easy way to but VR for PC. They create their own program which is able to be installed on their PC. This program will notice your PC whether can run VR or not. Overall, this year is a big phase for Oculus VR. The console versions such as PS VR ad HTC Vive will also be launched this year. So, please save your money before buying this gaming-gear next generation.