Simcity Buildit Tips with No Hack

Have you been playing Simcity Buildit and encountering some issues that make unable to develop the city the way you want it to be? Well, practice these best Simcity Buildit tips and you will soon be developing your city much faster and bigger. All these tips are not cheats so you won’t have to worry about your account being removed.



10 Best Simcity Buildtit Tips

  • Keep producing items

Simcity is all about building and upgrading as well as selling the buildings to make extra cash. Therefore, your most important task is to keep producing all the factory items. The more you produce, the better it is. And, you don’t need to worry if no one buys from you because Daniel will definitely purchase all your items.

  • Produce the most expensive items

Just like in real world, items that need more time to produce are sold at higher price. So, make sure you produce expensive items to get more cash when you sell them at the Trade HQ. It’s the next on the Simcity Buildit tips.

  • Be smart in investing

Being smart means you can buy most crucial items to live like Services before you buy other items like Beaches, Parks, Transportation and Education. It means you have to be smart in investing on the items that you need the most.

  • Find the next unlocks

Every time you play a level, always look forward to unlock another level. In the meantime, make sure to prepare the necessary items you need to have in order to unlock another level.

  • Sims happiness has to be more than 90%

To get more cash in order to build more, you can get it by getting more taxes. And you can have it only if your sims happiness is above 90% at all times.

  • Keep expanding

Another point on Simcity Buildit tips is to expand your city including buying Landmarks, Gambling, Park, Educations, Entertainment and Transportations. But make sure you also fulfill the basic needs for your population. If you want to make faster progress, just use Simcity Buildit hack tool.

  • Pop the bubbles

You should make time to visit other cities. This way, you will be given with bubble gift that you can pop. You’ll never know maybe you will get great items inside the gift.

  • Buy more and more

You will get big profits every time you buy special items. In this case, you can buy from HQ and sell the items once you have been offered with good deal.

  • Visit Daniel everyday

Daniel always offers item at lower cost. So, you can buy items from him then sell them in HG. You will get profit from the margin.

  • Go for social

Being social with other Simcity players may allow you to get great items or gift.

This should be the last crucial point on Simcity Buildit tips. So, once you have applied all the tips, your city will be the most improved and biggest city in Simcity.