New Web-Based Game the Monkey King Online

The Monkey King Online Game Play


Good news for you who are looking for fresh and modern web-browser game because the Monkey King Online can be your next game to play. This game adapts the original movie starred Chow Yun Fat and Donnie Yen several years ago. As we can see, the game tells us about Sun Wu Kong’s story and his friends. As the God of Monkey, Sun Wu Kong claims himself to rule the world including heaven. Consequently, he breaks off the Heaven with his power and it makes him to face Jade Emperor the god of the gods. This is actually a legendary story from Chinese’s ancient. But, it is still interesting to be listened or known by modern people these days.

Not too far from the movie, the Monkey King Online will adapt the same story from its movie. The genre which is used is MMORPG fast action. This is truly addictive because there is some action that should be played by the players. There are four classes in this game. Thus, the players should choose their favorite class like Monkey King, Fox Demon, OX Demon Lord and Iron Fan Princess. As we can see, Monkey King is the favorite class here because you will have a character which good in one on one fight just like Sun Wu Kong. Their signature-weapon of course is the mighty stick of him. Because of this weapon, the Monkey King class is able to reach medium attack-range. Moreover, this class also has seventy two forms skills.

The next class of the Monkey King Online is Ox Demon Lord. This class has specialization on the strength and defense. With giant body, this class is good in short-range fight. The third class is Iron Fan Princess. This class is unique because it has mighty fan as its weapon. This fan will break down everything into the ground easily. However, they are not good in defense because all of the power focus on their attack. Good thing is that the attack range of this class is very far. Thus, you can crush your enemy effectively.

Last but not least, Fox Demon is the fourth class of this game. They specialize on the attack speed and critical hit. Yep, it depends on the customizable skill which you choose. However, they are not good in attack range and mass kill. They are good on one on one battle. That is all of the Monkey King Online review today.