Kingdom Under Fire 2 New Features And Review

Kingdom Under Fire 2


Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Blueside as sequel to Circle of Doom of Kingdom Under Fire. Blueside is a South Korean game developer that had produced the previous Kingdom Under Fire and Ninety-Nine Nights. Thanks to its original idea to combine several game genres, the prequel managed to enthrall many enthusiasts. This sequel is available for PC and PlayStation 4 launched during 2014 and announced in 2008. It features the same high fantasy style, unique gameplay mix, and brawny warriors sexy.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Character

This fifth Kingdom Under Fire series is set after the Kingdom Under Fire II: Circle of Doom. There are three classes you can choose to play in Kingdom Under Fire 2, the Berserker, the Spellsword and the Gunslinger. Berserkers are huge beasts who can demolish lots of enemies in a few seconds with their basic power and massive swords. The Gunslinger is human race that uses a gun in one hand and a long sword on the other with balanced stats. Spellswords are female dark elves that have incredible speed and attack using ice magic.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Gameplay

There is combination between real-time strategy, action, RPG, and MMO elements. The RTS mode allows you to control your troops with view from the above while RPG mode lets you control your hero in third person view. You can also cooperate with other 8 players to fight AI bosses. It is also possible to fight against other players to improve your skills among gamers.

There are critics and praises for the Kingdom Under Fire 2 just like the previous game, but the massive battles are enjoyable as there are numerous characters fighting at the same time as well as gigantic bosses. Players can feel the sense of the real time strategic elements combined with the action role playing game aspect. You can control heroes on the combat zone and fight together with your warriors. A typical RTS mode lets you control cannons to direct their fire and control spear men to form spear walls to protect infantry against attacking cavalry.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Story

Kingdom Under Fire II take place 150 years after Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders that is set in the Encablossa, an adversary alternative world. The story of the game is about the conflict between the Dark Legion, the Human Alliance, and the Encablossians. The later are creatures living in Bersia which is the opponent’s area from the previous games that is now available in Kingdom Under Fire 2.