How To Hack Pokemon Go from Your Home in 3 Steps

How to hack Pokemon Go

How to hack Pokemon Go? This is the first question for Pokemon Go players who get addicted with this popular game these days. We believe that you cannot avoid any single day without seeing the content of Pokemon on your smartphones or televisions. Everyone talks about this game because it shows a different way to play a game especially for smartphone users. This game forces the players to walk around the city in catching all Pokemon. If they catch them all, it does not only give much satisfaction, but also make them as Pokemon Masters. Let us go to the first way to hack this game.


You have to install an app called Fake Location Spoofer Free as our first move of how to hack Pokemon go today. But, altering the current location of your GPS would be better for initial way. This app is easy to be found on app store both for Android and iOs. However, iOs users have to jailbreak their phone first and install the app via Cydia. Once you have downloaded the app, simply enable your developer options. It is very easy for rooted or jailbroken smartphones. Go to the Settings to find this option. After that, you may see Mock location app immediately. Afterwards, choose the Spoofer that we downloaded before.

Choose Your Location

Get ready for the second step of how to hack Pokemon Go. Once you have set up the developer options, you are now able to open the Fake Location Spoofer app on your main menu or home. After you tap the icon, the display will show you the map of the Earth. Pinch and then zoom to choose particular location of your character next. Simply double tap the chosen location when you decided it. You might see orange play button on the bottom of your display screen. Your notification will always show this app on the tray as long as you turn on the location.

Start Cheating

Last but not least, open your Pokemon GO app. At this step, the current location of your character will be the same with the location that you have been spoofing. This is the best part of this hack. You can freely choose a location with its unique Pokemon surrounding. Please notice that you do not have to change the current location as soon as possible because it will be detected as hack for the server. Make a delayed-time around three or five hours before changing the location in order to avoid the ban from the developer. That is how to hack Pokemon Go from your home.