Fat Princess Adventures, A Simple Adventure Game

Fat Princess Adventures


Fat Princess Adventuress was released for PS4 console on December 5th, 2015. It’s an adventure game that director hope this simple game can be as an attractive diversion from today’s complex adventure games. But, actually this game comes in dull combat and lack sense of humor. This game fails to meet its shallow setup. In this game, you and the three other players will be in battle and complete simple quests. In the beginning of the game, you will start your adventure from forests until you reach the grimy deck of pirate ship. The mission of the game is about saving the world.

During your adventure to save the world, you collect loot to keep your posse and eat cake to get more energy. Fat Princess Adventures tells about the battle of Fat Princess against Bitter Queen that destroys everything sweet, including Fat Princess kingdom and her beloved cakes. Maybe you hope something funny from this game, but actually the characters and the dialogues in the game are not funny. But, the main problem in this game comes from the combat. You will only see two attacks per class. The Archer bears the bow and a small blade for close battle while the melee-focused Engineer swings a hammer and throw some explosives. Whichever class you choose, the attacking and combat style is the same.

In the combat, you should run while attacking anything that moves to you. It will fill up the Awesome Sauce Meter that will give you a temporary phase that allows you to hit the enemy harder and you move faster than usual when it gets fill up. In Fat Princess Adventures, you can upgrade your weapons after winning some combats. It can be said as something that satisfying from this game. But once again, the combat is still lack of fun because there is no sense of impact during the battle. You don’t have clear reason when killing the enemies, just killing and killing.

Maybe you can get some enjoyments when you faced the boss in fighting. You should throw some mechanics during the battle and you should also grab the chickens, put them in a contraption to create electricity on the floor. The electricity can create damage to the boss. You will also get some distraction by some enemies that are thrown to you during the battle with the boss. Fat Princess Adventures also offers some side quests, but it still lacks of fun and enjoyment.