4 Disadvantages of Video Games



When talking about the addiction of video game, there are a couple of disadvantages that you have to consider. Well, it may sound hilarious, because many people think that addiction is not related with negativity. But some others think that the relation will show the disadvantages. Nowadays, interactive game becomes an incredible development in the section of interactivity, realism, image quality, and a couple of games which are available for a couple of users. These reasons make a couple of young adults and children to spend more time to play game and they do not have a lot of time to share with one another. These are a couple of disadvantages that you can get from video game.

  • Health can be the problem that you can get if you play video game You will become neglect and lazy to do a couple of things such as inability to sleep, headaches, damaged eyesight, eating proper and healthy foods, and exercise.
  • Video game can be bad for your mental health. Game makes you pay attention to the game that you play so that you will not have more time to keep contact with your neighbors and relatives. It also can make you do not want to try a couple of other activities and hobbies. Meanwhile, gamers will be addicted to the game and never have the interaction with friends and families.
  • Gamers usually spend a lot of time in front of screen, so that they less interaction to their society that will cause a couple of social issues and will make them introvert and shy. A couple of games that have been developed nowadays are more violent that will make them become more aggressive and losing control.
  • Many experts say that playing video game will affect the growth of human brain negatively. Meanwhile, there are a couple of games which can stimulate the activity of your brain in terms of right and left hemispheres of the frontal lobe. Brain frontal lobe is related with emotion, memory, and learning and will develop until they are 20 years old. The level of concern will be raised because the development of the brain is imperative within those important years.

It is better for parents out there to keep track the time of your children spend playing video game. And also parents should know the type of game that they play.