2017 Call of Duty Will be Back to the Roots


We have some big news about one of the most popular action games, Call of Duty for today. The latest series was just underperformed expectations due the sales of Infinite Warfare last year when the chief of operating officer of the game talk about it to one of our sources recently. It forces them to develop the next series, in this case 2017 series, to be more aiming the core tenet of COD. In this article,we will breakdown the future plan of this game through the interview with the game developers based on some big sites of gaming world.

Setting Complaints

The main reason why the previous Call of Duty was underperformed expectation is because there are so many complaints especially from longtime fans about the futuristic setting of the game. As we know, the Infinite Warfare sets up the space as the main setting, which is far away from the core tenet of previous COD’s series, Black Ops III. The chief also claims that the space setting did not result good effect to the game so that the developers should find another way to get positive impact later. However, he believes the team has already taken the risks so that they won’t do the same for future project. It indicates that 2017 COD will come back to the basic setting of World War II, just like the predecessors.

Back to the Roots

It is clearly stated that Call of Duty does not work with the future setting at all. The chief also added that this game will be back to the roots so that the developer teams are able to protect the core tenet of the game. We believe that the COD fans may miss the old COD now. That is why they criticized so much about the Infinite Warfare. In addition, they also will bring back the traditional combat them that makes this game so popular until now. For now, we do not see any further information except the game makers that will be the next turn of Sledgehammer.


As usual, we close our post with our conclusion. Based on this news, we conclude that 2017 Call of Duty will take place on classic and traditional setting and combat features. We don’t have any clue yet about the setting but some WWII theme may give better nostalgia for us. Secondly, Activison appointed one of three developers of COD series. They are Sledgehammer, which was developed one of COD series game settings during Vietnam war recently. Perhaps, you get better clue now with this game maker.