2017 Call of Duty Will be Back to the Roots


We have some big news about one of the most popular action games, Call of Duty for today. The latest series was just underperformed expectations due the sales of Infinite Warfare last year when the chief of operating officer of the game talk about it to one of our sources recently. It forces them to develop the next series, in this case 2017 series, to be more aiming the core tenet of COD. In this article,we will breakdown the future plan of this game through the interview with the game developers based on some big sites of gaming world.

Setting Complaints

The main reason why the previous Call of Duty was underperformed expectation is because there are so many complaints especially from longtime fans about the futuristic setting of the game. As we know, the Infinite Warfare sets up the space as the main setting, which is far away from the core tenet of previous COD’s series, Black Ops III. The chief also claims that the space setting did not result good effect to the game so that the developers should find another way to get positive impact later. However, he believes the team has already taken the risks so that they won’t do the same for future project. It indicates that 2017 COD will come back to the basic setting of World War II, just like the predecessors.

Back to the Roots

It is clearly stated that Call of Duty does not work with the future setting at all. The chief also added that this game will be back to the roots so that the developer teams are able to protect the core tenet of the game. We believe that the COD fans may miss the old COD now. That is why they criticized so much about the Infinite Warfare. In addition, they also will bring back the traditional combat them that makes this game so popular until now. For now, we do not see any further information except the game makers that will be the next turn of Sledgehammer.


As usual, we close our post with our conclusion. Based on this news, we conclude that 2017 Call of Duty will take place on classic and traditional setting and combat features. We don’t have any clue yet about the setting but some WWII theme may give better nostalgia for us. Secondly, Activison appointed one of three developers of COD series. They are Sledgehammer, which was developed one of COD series game settings during Vietnam war recently. Perhaps, you get better clue now with this game maker.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and the Classic Fighting Model

With the new Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite game, at least you get to see your favorite characters battling each other. This is not a new concept, I know, but the idea of having another series of battle clash between the superheroes and faavorite characters is definitely difficult to dismiss. And after all, who doesn’t like a good fighting game, anyway? And with your favorite characters on the way, it is pretty understandable why this game is one of the most waited and anticipated platform.


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Release and Development

The details of the release is still unclear although both Capcom and Sony have made it clear that they are going to release an upcoming battle game. The release of Marvel vs Capcom 4 will be named as the Infinite and it is pretty obvious that the game will be presented in two-versus-two gaming mode instead of the three-versus-three model. With Capcom as both the publisher and developer, the fighting game should be made available somewhere ini 2017 for the PS4 platform only. There are news about the chances that Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will be available for PC and also Xbox One but since the developer hasn’t made any official announcement about it, there is no way that we can be sure about it.


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Game Play

As it was mentioned before, the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite isn’t a new thing between Capcom characters and Marvel Universe. So far, the Infinite has marked the six collaborative efforts between the two. Capcom alone has made a total nine main entry in their Capcom vs versions. The tag team version remains the same although there will be several updates and differences. In the previous Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, players can ask for help from team members from the off screen mode but this time, there won’t be anything like that. However, you are free to use the free form combination. There is also the involvement of Infinity Stones where each stone has a special ability for players.


Just as expected, there will be new characters avaiable for each team. The previous members of Capcom will still have Ryu and Morrigan in the team but with Mega Man X as the new addition. Meanwhile, Iron Man and Captain America will stay in the Marvel team with Captain Marvel as the new addition. So, ready for some actions in the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite universe?


Township Guide to Make Your Town Prosper

Selling goods, harvesting crops, and running facilities in your town are very interesting activities. If you cannot do it in the real world, you can try it first in Township. This Township guide will provide some information to you on how to play the game better. The way to play this game is quite the same as other city building games. However, this game provides more advanced features such as raising animals, mining artifact and traveling to collect exotic items. This game is available for Android and iPhone and before you play the game, there are some guides you have to know to make the development of your town run smoothly.

Getting Coins

To get coins in this game is not an easy task. Selling crops can be the only easy way to do it. So, this Township guide will be started by a recommendation to always grow crops on your fields, even if it is just wheat. Wheat is free and it does not need much time to grow. Growing crops will also increase your xp. You will get more fields and increase the population of the city. If you want to go offline for some time, you have to fill your fields with the crops which have the same growing time as the time you need to go offline. The plant which has the least time to grow is wheat while cacao is the longest. Wheat can be harvested after 2 minutes while cacao needs 8 hours to grow.

Creating Products

Repetitive farming and harvesting are boring, that is why besides farming this game also requires you to create some secondary products like cookies and bread. Making bread is a lot easier than making cookies. So, when you need money, this Township guide will suggest you make bread instead of cookies. To make bread, you only need two pieces of wheat, while making cookies needs three steps, collecting wheat, feeding the chicken to get eggs, and then combine two wheat and two eggs.

Using third party applications like Township hack can be useful if you are a type of player who cannot wait for the harvest time. However, it will make the game less interesting and eliminate the essence of the game. Those tricks above can be applied to help you play more efficient. Township guide is needed not only for the first time player but also for current players who want to make their town better.

Roblox Tips to Create Advanced Environment

Online with MMOG turned into popularity after extensive penetration of internet. To put in simple explanation, MMOG is place where players develop their own character and environment then interact with others. You may visit another player to see anything good and do trading. This is the key of Roblox. Several Roblox tips are available to support your gameplay.

Before exploring more about these matters, you should understand the term of conditions and services about this game. Roblox is multiplayer mode, so everyone is put into some group where moderator monitors what members do. For your information, this game is commonly for kids and teen with the age between ten and eighteen. Of course, people with age over twenty are still able to play, as long as they follow the rule. Even though administrator and moderator tries so hard to maintain everything, there is always problem and trouble. When player violates rules and regulations, they will receive some punishment from notification, warning, until permanent ban. Developer introduces IP ban to avoid heavy trouble players come back again.

You are able to choose free mode as instruction. This has limitation. One important matter in Roblox tips is to take paid mode or Builders Club. What are differences between free and paid mode? When playing free mode, player cannot expand environment excessively. Moreover, they do not have access to do trading, even the items are excellent.

Specific method to expand your capability beside paid service is Roblox hack. Several advantages of hack tool make player to rely on it ultimately. Main benefit is unlimited robux. For your information, robux is currency in Roblox world. It is like money to buy anything and expand the area. The problem of hack tool is uncertainty service. You may find good hack today, but vanished in tomorrow due to violation. Of course, using hack is another way to reach top players.

Robux is the key to make the game more interesting. One of Roblox tips is to collect as much as robux via trading items. If you spend more time to play, you will come into expert to do the effective job. Besides, you may visit other players then see what they have in disposal. Purchasing items then sell again is not violation. It gives you experience in commerce indirectly.

In spite of good aspect, this game might take more concern regarding parental control. Some parents do not like their kids send too much time and money in this game. Of course, they need to put limitation to avoid unwanted event in the future. This is not part of Roblox tips for player, but specifically for parents.

The Best Video Game Console 2016

The video game console is gained its popularity since a couple of years ago because of the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that have been heavily marketed. This article will give a couple of options that are available on the market nowadays.

Microsoft Xbox One S

This is the brand new release of Xbox One S by Microsoft which better-looking and slimmer than its previous model. This video game console also comes with hardware that has been upgraded, that lets it in order to stream 4K video from a couple of well-known services and also display HDR content such as gaming titles that have been selected.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

Sony PlayStation 4 slim is more compact and sleeker than the first generation of PS4, as its name suggests. This video game console is very excellent because it comes with a couple of exclusive titles that have been available. This gaming console is also a perfect choice because it offers home entertainment center.  There are a couple of contents that you can stream such as YouTube, HBO GO, Amazon, Netflix, and much more.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

The brand new PlayStation 4 Pro offers 4K gaming and you do not have to require expensive desktop or laptop computer. The latest video game console by Sony can also stream the content of 4K from Netflix and also non-4K video content can be upscale. All of the PS4 games are compatible with this device and also with the excellent VR headset of Sony.

Nintendo Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U is still entertaining and attractive because it comes with a couple of exclusive Legend of Zelda and Super Mario titles, even though this video game console is not powerful if compared to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For those of you who choose this device, it is well recommended for you to try Yoshi’s Wooly World.

NVIDIA Shield Pro

The NVIDIA Shield Pro is a great video game console in terms of Android TV box which is allowing you in order to inform other people that you are purchasing this console in order to enjoy House of Cards in 4K on Netflix. The Shield TV will be the perfect choice for your casual gaming requirements because it comes with powerful chipset and a couple of exclusive Android gaming titles. This gaming console can be the alternative for those of you who want to be different from others who play PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Simcity Buildit Tips with No Hack

Have you been playing Simcity Buildit and encountering some issues that make unable to develop the city the way you want it to be? Well, practice these best Simcity Buildit tips and you will soon be developing your city much faster and bigger. All these tips are not cheats so you won’t have to worry about your account being removed.



10 Best Simcity Buildtit Tips

  • Keep producing items

Simcity is all about building and upgrading as well as selling the buildings to make extra cash. Therefore, your most important task is to keep producing all the factory items. The more you produce, the better it is. And, you don’t need to worry if no one buys from you because Daniel will definitely purchase all your items.

  • Produce the most expensive items

Just like in real world, items that need more time to produce are sold at higher price. So, make sure you produce expensive items to get more cash when you sell them at the Trade HQ. It’s the next on the Simcity Buildit tips.

  • Be smart in investing

Being smart means you can buy most crucial items to live like Services before you buy other items like Beaches, Parks, Transportation and Education. It means you have to be smart in investing on the items that you need the most.

  • Find the next unlocks

Every time you play a level, always look forward to unlock another level. In the meantime, make sure to prepare the necessary items you need to have in order to unlock another level.

  • Sims happiness has to be more than 90%

To get more cash in order to build more, you can get it by getting more taxes. And you can have it only if your sims happiness is above 90% at all times.

  • Keep expanding

Another point on Simcity Buildit tips is to expand your city including buying Landmarks, Gambling, Park, Educations, Entertainment and Transportations. But make sure you also fulfill the basic needs for your population. If you want to make faster progress, just use Simcity Buildit hack tool.

  • Pop the bubbles

You should make time to visit other cities. This way, you will be given with bubble gift that you can pop. You’ll never know maybe you will get great items inside the gift.

  • Buy more and more

You will get big profits every time you buy special items. In this case, you can buy from HQ and sell the items once you have been offered with good deal.

  • Visit Daniel everyday

Daniel always offers item at lower cost. So, you can buy items from him then sell them in HG. You will get profit from the margin.

  • Go for social

Being social with other Simcity players may allow you to get great items or gift.

This should be the last crucial point on Simcity Buildit tips. So, once you have applied all the tips, your city will be the most improved and biggest city in Simcity.

Puzzle Games in Android That You Need to Try


If you love to solve some puzzles, then you will surely need to try some of these puzzle games in Android. That is because all of the games that you can find below can be considered as the most challenging puzzle games to play in your Android device. Here are some of those games that you need to try if you want to tease your brain.

The first one is The Room. Basically, this game is considerably simple to play. That is because you just need to rotate a box that you have to open. However, this game is not going to be that easy. That is because there are a lot of clues that you need to find if you want to open the box. As an addition to that, it is not only about finding the key to open the box, but also about finding the proper key to open the box. The key can be a real key, a password, a combination, and many other things. That is one thing that made this game as one nice puzzle games in Android.

The second one is Monument Valley. The game is considerably simple since you just need to make sure you can take your main character to the top of the monument. Even though, you will need to find the best ways to go there. As an addition to that, you will have to face a lot of different level difficulties, starting from the simplest one to the hardest one. Unfortunately, you will need to pay around four dollars if you want to play the puzzle games in Android of Monument Valley.

The last one is World of Goo. Many of you might have been playing this game. That is because this game is very famous among all of those players who love their brain to be teased. Even though the main objective of this game is just building a bridge from one point to another, but the composition, limitation, and the balance are the things that you need to consider on the puzzle games in Android. Without all of those things combined as one, you will not be able to pass the stage. Your bridge will easily collapse. This game can be found on the Play Store for free, but if you want to get the complete version then you will need to pay about five dollars for this game.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Offline to Effectively Earn Unlimited Resources


Do you want to be the best player in Pixel Gun 3D? You have come to the right site. It is not a secret anymore that using hack tools for games is a shortcut to conquer the game. Check out the Pixel Gun 3D hack offline tools which will allow you to get premium guns and other cool features without spending any money. Here, we present you the quick way in using Pixel Gun 3D hack offline tools.

Why You Should Use Pixel Gun 3D Hack Offline

The very obvious reason why you need to use Pixel Gun 3D hack offline is to get unlimited gems and cash for free. This hack is suitable for you who do not wish to spend real money in a game. You can also use the hack tool to path your way to become the best player since you have unlimited numbers of gems, coins, and diamonds. If you are worried about your devices’ safety, do not worry, the offline hack tools are totally safe to use. Moreover, Pixel Gun 3D hack offline works great with both jailbroken or non-jailbroken iOS devices. If you are an Android user, you do not need to root your phone. Moreover, the hack tool is easy to use. Further information about how to use and how to install the hack tool will be explained below.

How to install the hack tool:

  • Look for the download link of the offline hack tool, after that, download it to your computer
  • If the hack tool is in .zip or .rar, extract the file
  • When you are done, run the .exe file. If your antivirus detects the file as a malware, do not worry, it is still safe. Pause or disable the antivirus during the installation process
  • Press the install button and choose the destination folder
  • Press the finish button

When you are done installing the Pixel Gun 3D hack offline tool, connect your phone or tab to your computer. After that, select your device platform, input the resources that you wish to add, and click the hack button. Usually, 1-2 minutes are needed to finish the hack before you can reopen the game. If you face difficulties, you may refer to the ReadMe.txt file inside the .zip or .rar file that you have downloaded before. Now, purchasing rare guns and rare items for free is not a mere dream. Download and install the hacking tool right away to get unlimited resources.

4 Disadvantages of Video Games



When talking about the addiction of video game, there are a couple of disadvantages that you have to consider. Well, it may sound hilarious, because many people think that addiction is not related with negativity. But some others think that the relation will show the disadvantages. Nowadays, interactive game becomes an incredible development in the section of interactivity, realism, image quality, and a couple of games which are available for a couple of users. These reasons make a couple of young adults and children to spend more time to play game and they do not have a lot of time to share with one another. These are a couple of disadvantages that you can get from video game.

  • Health can be the problem that you can get if you play video game You will become neglect and lazy to do a couple of things such as inability to sleep, headaches, damaged eyesight, eating proper and healthy foods, and exercise.
  • Video game can be bad for your mental health. Game makes you pay attention to the game that you play so that you will not have more time to keep contact with your neighbors and relatives. It also can make you do not want to try a couple of other activities and hobbies. Meanwhile, gamers will be addicted to the game and never have the interaction with friends and families.
  • Gamers usually spend a lot of time in front of screen, so that they less interaction to their society that will cause a couple of social issues and will make them introvert and shy. A couple of games that have been developed nowadays are more violent that will make them become more aggressive and losing control.
  • Many experts say that playing video game will affect the growth of human brain negatively. Meanwhile, there are a couple of games which can stimulate the activity of your brain in terms of right and left hemispheres of the frontal lobe. Brain frontal lobe is related with emotion, memory, and learning and will develop until they are 20 years old. The level of concern will be raised because the development of the brain is imperative within those important years.

It is better for parents out there to keep track the time of your children spend playing video game. And also parents should know the type of game that they play.


How To Hack Pokemon Go from Your Home in 3 Steps

How to hack Pokemon Go

How to hack Pokemon Go? This is the first question for Pokemon Go players who get addicted with this popular game these days. We believe that you cannot avoid any single day without seeing the content of Pokemon on your smartphones or televisions. Everyone talks about this game because it shows a different way to play a game especially for smartphone users. This game forces the players to walk around the city in catching all Pokemon. If they catch them all, it does not only give much satisfaction, but also make them as Pokemon Masters. Let us go to the first way to hack this game.


You have to install an app called Fake Location Spoofer Free as our first move of how to hack Pokemon go today. But, altering the current location of your GPS would be better for initial way. This app is easy to be found on app store both for Android and iOs. However, iOs users have to jailbreak their phone first and install the app via Cydia. Once you have downloaded the app, simply enable your developer options. It is very easy for rooted or jailbroken smartphones. Go to the Settings to find this option. After that, you may see Mock location app immediately. Afterwards, choose the Spoofer that we downloaded before.

Choose Your Location

Get ready for the second step of how to hack Pokemon Go. Once you have set up the developer options, you are now able to open the Fake Location Spoofer app on your main menu or home. After you tap the icon, the display will show you the map of the Earth. Pinch and then zoom to choose particular location of your character next. Simply double tap the chosen location when you decided it. You might see orange play button on the bottom of your display screen. Your notification will always show this app on the tray as long as you turn on the location.

Start Cheating

Last but not least, open your Pokemon GO app. At this step, the current location of your character will be the same with the location that you have been spoofing. This is the best part of this hack. You can freely choose a location with its unique Pokemon surrounding. Please notice that you do not have to change the current location as soon as possible because it will be detected as hack for the server. Make a delayed-time around three or five hours before changing the location in order to avoid the ban from the developer. That is how to hack Pokemon Go from your home.

Zen Pinball with Newest Graphics and Online Mode

Zen Pinball


If you love to play pinball, why do not try the Zen Pinball from Zen Studios. This pinball game has been released for many consoles, such as iPhone, PS3, Xbobx360 and NDS. This game is very recommended if you are the number one fans of pinball game. For your information, there are 4 more tables for you who love this game so much. They are Shaman, V12, Tesla and El Dorado tables which have their own rules and secrets each table. It is confirmed by Zen Studios that they will add more unique tables to be downloaded by their players. Let us take a little review about this game below.


The gameplay of Zen Pinball is just the same with other pinball games. However, this game has unique cinematic views for the players. For your information, there are five different cameras which you can use to manage the square button of the pinball. Four cameras will follow the movement of your ball. The fifth camera will shoot from wide angle. There is a free look mode if you want to hold the button before releasing the ball. Use Sixaxis to see the entire table of the game. You can also do tilting in this game. Push left analog button to tilt the box. Meanwhile L1 and R1 buttons manage the flipper button of the pinball.


One of the best features that we found in Zen Pinball is slow motion mode. This is amazing because you can see the movement of the ball in slow motion. Moreover, the save mode can be used whenever you want in the game. However, the achievement cannot be obtained through those modes. If you are too bored playing in single player mode, Zen Studios also offer multiplayer mode. Hotseat mode is the name of multiplayer mode of this game. Moreover, there is also online mode. You will play with 4 players at once in order to achieve the highest scores than others.

Zen Pinball Multiplayer Rankings

To be more competitive this game is also featured by multiplayer rankings. Of course, the scoring system is different with single player mode. Every competitor who can finish the game will gain ten points. For leavers, they will get penalty for ten points also. If the fastest player who can get 100 points, he will be the winner. For your information, Zen Studios as the developer of the game also conducts some tournaments frequently. You will see the notifications on the menu screen if there is a tournament of Zen Pinball.

5 Boom Beach Astuces Diamants that works

boom beach astuces diamants


Boom Beach Astuces Diamants that works may be true and may be false. How could I say so? It is because when you believe that the trick can work well, then it will successfully work well while when you deny that it works, you will get nothing from it. Apparently, there are hundreds or even millions of people who believe that this kind of hack trick works. Thus, you can think about it whether you want to believe that it works or not. For me personally, whenever you want to try the similar hack tricks or hack tool you will have nothing to lose. Then, why do not you try to use it once?


Check These 5 Boom Beach Trick That Works

People are free to talk about any kinds of tricks of the Boom Beach. In fact, you need to divide which one the Boom Beach Astuces Diamants that works and which one does not work well based on what it has been planned. Sometimes you have to be smart in believing what the detailed information attached into it. What are the 5 tricks that have been mentioned earlier? Yes, apparently the players might have missed about these simple tricks which can be totally advantageous.

The first one is that it would be better for you to do the attack while upgrading the buildings at the same time. Indeed, upgrading will take much time but you will have new troops which are totally advantageous. After that, you will be able to transform the 600 gold that you have to be 300 wood for completing the buildings. Boom Beach Astuces Diamants that works really helps you as the player because you might have missed this chance of opportunity.

Then, whenever you have built some buildings into certain level, there would be an achievement after you have had the completion. This achievement can later be completely useful whenever you are running out of the gems or coins. For me personally, I think it is quite fair to trade the gold into wood, to trade the achievement for completing all the missing materials you need. Finally, all of those efforts might have resulted greatly in your game. You will feel that you will still have a way to make your missing materials complete after the fair trade has been done. As a conclusion, sometimes people put aside the benefits that they can get by using the Boom Beach Astuces Diamants that works.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 New Features And Review

Kingdom Under Fire 2


Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Blueside as sequel to Circle of Doom of Kingdom Under Fire. Blueside is a South Korean game developer that had produced the previous Kingdom Under Fire and Ninety-Nine Nights. Thanks to its original idea to combine several game genres, the prequel managed to enthrall many enthusiasts. This sequel is available for PC and PlayStation 4 launched during 2014 and announced in 2008. It features the same high fantasy style, unique gameplay mix, and brawny warriors sexy.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Character

This fifth Kingdom Under Fire series is set after the Kingdom Under Fire II: Circle of Doom. There are three classes you can choose to play in Kingdom Under Fire 2, the Berserker, the Spellsword and the Gunslinger. Berserkers are huge beasts who can demolish lots of enemies in a few seconds with their basic power and massive swords. The Gunslinger is human race that uses a gun in one hand and a long sword on the other with balanced stats. Spellswords are female dark elves that have incredible speed and attack using ice magic.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Gameplay

There is combination between real-time strategy, action, RPG, and MMO elements. The RTS mode allows you to control your troops with view from the above while RPG mode lets you control your hero in third person view. You can also cooperate with other 8 players to fight AI bosses. It is also possible to fight against other players to improve your skills among gamers.

There are critics and praises for the Kingdom Under Fire 2 just like the previous game, but the massive battles are enjoyable as there are numerous characters fighting at the same time as well as gigantic bosses. Players can feel the sense of the real time strategic elements combined with the action role playing game aspect. You can control heroes on the combat zone and fight together with your warriors. A typical RTS mode lets you control cannons to direct their fire and control spear men to form spear walls to protect infantry against attacking cavalry.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Story

Kingdom Under Fire II take place 150 years after Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders that is set in the Encablossa, an adversary alternative world. The story of the game is about the conflict between the Dark Legion, the Human Alliance, and the Encablossians. The later are creatures living in Bersia which is the opponent’s area from the previous games that is now available in Kingdom Under Fire 2.

Clash Royale Astuce Pros and Cons For Players who Want Always Win

clash royale pros and cons


We will talk about Clash Royale astuce pros and cons today. If you do not know what the Clash Royale or tactics are, we elaborated them one by one here. The first trick is called as huge-crowd strategy. The second one is known as double pawn line storm. The rests are demotion troop and stealing tower. Let us go first to the first strategy.

Clash Royale Asture Pros and Cons: Huge-crowd Strategy

This first strategy has special advantages. Since the beginning or Arena 0, the new players are able to obtain Goblin Barrel. If you know how to mix and match it with your deck, you can create strong team obviously. It is also useful to be ready in attacking the Arena 2. Why it is beneficial is because you are just cost cheap units or troops. Meanwhile, the con of this strategy is that your base has no defense after all because we have already attacked enemy with the rest troops. Moreover, this strategy is useless when your enemy has Bomb Tower.

Clash Royale Asture Pros and Cons: Double Pawn Line Storm

Secondly, our Clash Royale astuce pros and cons is about double pawn line storm. The best benefit of this strategy is that it does not too much cost our cards. But, the problem comes when you are in Arena 3. Actually, this strategy is mostly same with first one. The difference is on the volume of elixir which is more beneficial than the first Clash Royale astuce pros and cons. Meanwhile, the disadvantage is also the same. Bomb Tower will destroy your troop easily. Otherwise, raid cards on this strategy are effective against Arrows for sure.

Clash Royale Astuce Pros and Cons: Demolition Troop

The next Clash Royale astuce pros and cons is as same as its name. By using demolition troop, your only target is enemy’s building. For your information, this tactic is the most used by Clash Royale players these days. If you are also Clash of Clans players, this can be your favorite one. However, it does not mean this tactic has no weakness. Its con starts when your hand does not carry ideal cards. Thus, the player who cannot control this situation will easily surrender. So, you must be good to choose your card with this tactic.

Clash Royale Astuce Pros and Cons Conclusion

After knowing the pros and cons of Clash Royale tactic above, you have to know how to manage your cards in order to run those Clash Royale astuce pros and cons very well in the battle arena.

Simple Tips to Get Subway Surfers Hack No Jailbreak

Subway surfers


How to get Subway Surfers hack no jailbreak for iOS? Many hack tools for Subway Surfers require the jailbreak for iOS and root for Android. It can be troublesome for many users of OS who don’t get jailbreak access in their device. Surely they will need a hack tool that can work properly without need the jailbreak access. Then, is it possible to get this hack tool? Well, you should be optimistic because there are many websites that provide many hack tools for the game. Let’s take a look into some simple step to help you in finding the hack tool.

To get Subway Surfers hack no jailbreak, you can simply visit Google for the first time. Then, search the hack tool. The searching result will show you many websites that offer the hack tools of Subway Surfers. You should be patient in this step because you will need to check the websites one by one to make sure it has the proper hack tool. There are two kinds of hack tools that can be used for Subway Surfers game. The first one will requires you to install it in your device. It can be in the form of the game itself that has been modified to make all the items get unlocked. The second one will not require you to install anything in your device. You just need to hack the game from the website, through online system.

Which one is better? The installed version or the online version of Subway Surfers hack no jailbreak? Botch version of the hack tool can be worked for your non jailbreak iOS. If you are planning to use the installed version of hack tool, make sure you download and install the proper one. There are many hack tools that are not working anymore this time. You should get the newest version of hack tool to make sure the Subway Surfers hack no jailbreak tool works properly in your device.

If you are trying to use the online hack tool, you should visit the proper website that provide the online hack tool. There are many websites that offer the online hack tool but it will lead you to complete a survey or visit other link. You should not ever give your important information if you are asked to complete a survey. So, you should be careful to get the online hack tool of Subway Surfers hack no jailbreak.

Fat Princess Adventures, A Simple Adventure Game

Fat Princess Adventures


Fat Princess Adventuress was released for PS4 console on December 5th, 2015. It’s an adventure game that director hope this simple game can be as an attractive diversion from today’s complex adventure games. But, actually this game comes in dull combat and lack sense of humor. This game fails to meet its shallow setup. In this game, you and the three other players will be in battle and complete simple quests. In the beginning of the game, you will start your adventure from forests until you reach the grimy deck of pirate ship. The mission of the game is about saving the world.

During your adventure to save the world, you collect loot to keep your posse and eat cake to get more energy. Fat Princess Adventures tells about the battle of Fat Princess against Bitter Queen that destroys everything sweet, including Fat Princess kingdom and her beloved cakes. Maybe you hope something funny from this game, but actually the characters and the dialogues in the game are not funny. But, the main problem in this game comes from the combat. You will only see two attacks per class. The Archer bears the bow and a small blade for close battle while the melee-focused Engineer swings a hammer and throw some explosives. Whichever class you choose, the attacking and combat style is the same.

In the combat, you should run while attacking anything that moves to you. It will fill up the Awesome Sauce Meter that will give you a temporary phase that allows you to hit the enemy harder and you move faster than usual when it gets fill up. In Fat Princess Adventures, you can upgrade your weapons after winning some combats. It can be said as something that satisfying from this game. But once again, the combat is still lack of fun because there is no sense of impact during the battle. You don’t have clear reason when killing the enemies, just killing and killing.

Maybe you can get some enjoyments when you faced the boss in fighting. You should throw some mechanics during the battle and you should also grab the chickens, put them in a contraption to create electricity on the floor. The electricity can create damage to the boss. You will also get some distraction by some enemies that are thrown to you during the battle with the boss. Fat Princess Adventures also offers some side quests, but it still lacks of fun and enjoyment.

Boom Beach Hack Tutorial for Both Beginners and Experts

boom beach

Are you looking into the right hack tutorial for your game named Boom Beach? Are you currently deep in love with this defense game which looks similar like Clash of Clan? We are proudly telling you that the Boom Beach hack tutorial can overcome your worry about your game started from your lack of materials, out of diamonds and money, all upgraded buildings which are mostly locked before the level is available.

These three things sometimes become the idea for the people to find the answers on the internet, hoping that they will find them in their cyber space. This hack tutorial will teach you either as a beginner or as an expert who has mastered the hack system for your devices.

Get the Tutorial for Free

This Boom Beach hack tutorial can be both helpful and also beneficial for not only the beginners but also the experts. They can expect more than what they can imagine. Probably they are having an imagination of 10 diamonds for speeding up a building they have. In fact, they can get more than they have imagined. Whenever they only think of 10 diamonds, they can get more than 99 diamonds for free without spending any cents.

Everything can be true when you have Boom Beach hack tutorial with you. How does it properly work? Here are some points to figure out about the hack tutorial while playing Boom Beach.

  • Access the website that provides the hack tool. You can search over the internet to find the qualified one.
  • Do not forget to fill the platform of your device that you use for playing Boom Beach. Wait until it processes the platform that is suitable with your device. Whether you are using Android devices or iOs devices, this Boom Beach hack tutorial is still able to find one of the best hack steps.
  • There is the column of numbers of diamonds to fill in. You can choose whether you want, for example, only 30 or you want to have the maximum numbers of diamonds.
  • Wait for some minutes to generate those diamonds into your game account. After that you need to restart your device then sign in again. You can check your account to make sure that those diamonds can now be used during the play.

As a conclusion, this Boom Beach hack tutorial might be useful for some of you but for some other people this tutorial might not work properly.


The Witness Puzzle Game, So Fun and Addictive

the witness gameplay

One of the most anticipated puzzle game in 2016 for PS4 is The Witness puzzle game. It’s a very interesting puzzle game. You will find that The Witness is different from other puzzle games that available in the market nowadays. Basically, the puzzles in this game is built from one puzzle. In other puzzle games, you will feel intelligent, only intelligent. But, when you are playing The Witness, you will feel that you are a truly human being that using his patience and critical thinking to solve the puzzle. Of course you will also feel intelligent.

You can sit in your place for 10 – 30 hours to think critically solving the puzzle. The Witness puzzle game will make you like Sherlock Holmes when solving his cases and problems. Sometimes you may get frustrated, no need to worry. You just need to take a break a moment from the game to get some fresh air or some foods then you can get back to the game to move to the next level. Maybe you will need to make some notes to remember your puzzle movements. Prepare some papers and a pen, it will be very helpful for you.

Actually, this puzzle game takes place in an island. Then, the island splits into some sections that has different theme and unique puzzle variant. There are many stuffs on the island such as temple, forest, and so on. In each island there will be a master puzzle, a collection of mazes that later will lead you to activate a large yellow crate. That crate will lead you to the top of the mountain. Then, you will find a box with 7 latches that has different beam. The opening of that is your goal in The Witness puzzle game. So interesting to be played.

If you are ready to play this amazing puzzle game, it’s better to prepare some foods and drinks because this game will consume much of your energy for thinking. You will not realize spending many hours when playing this game. It’s so fun and addictive. When you are able to finish a puzzle in this game, you will feel very satisfied. Although it’s a puzzle game, it comes in 3D visual. You will love the visual of this game and doesn’t get bored to stare at it. Having a great puzzle game will be a good addition for you to spend your spare time. The Witness puzzle game should your best friend when you are in front of your TV.

8 Ball Pool Hack Tricks for You Who Love This Game

8 ball pool hack


The 8 Ball Pool hack tricks can be the most targets of 8 Ball Pool players all over the world. We cannot deny the popularity of this game. Miniclip as the developer has very good strategy with their pool gameplay. Moreover, they also combine all of those players into one server and fight each other via multiplayer mode. In addition, this game flows up its own currency. It means that there are some in-game features for the players who want to boosts up their account level and skills. Of course, it requires real money and really disserves the players.

That is why the 8 Ball Pool hack tricks are very important. We can hack the resources or currencies that become the disadvantage of this game. Moreover, you can boost up your skill, chips, spins and many more without paying the in-game stores. In other words, we have a beneficial asset for the 8 Ball Pool game, right? You can easily on the leaderboard for a long time. You can defeat your competitors easily because the win rate of your pool is almost a hundred percent. Consequently, you must keep it as a secret and use the cash and coins wisely in order not to be detected by the developers.

Before knowing how to use these 8 Ball Pool hack tricks, you have to know what the hack tricks which you can do with our tool. First of all, our hack won’t be out of dated. It means that we keep the tool in the newest version. Secondly, you just need a Facebook account to use these tricks. It means that you just click the agreement without giving the password of yours. Lastly, it works for Windows, Mac and other operating system of your PC. All features can be gained if you followed our instructions below.

To use these 8 Ball Pool hack tricks, you have to follow some instructions to make it perfectly works. In the beginning, just find the Hack button in this page. Then, you will be redirected into your Facebook and simply click “accept” on the agreement’s pop out. After that, you will be once again directed into hacking tool of our site. Fill the amount or number of cash and coins which you want to change. The final movement is clicking the hack. Wait the process until your 8 Ball Pool game have the resources which you change before. Okay guys that are all of the tricks’ instructions which you need to follow.

New Web-Based Game the Monkey King Online

The Monkey King Online Game Play


Good news for you who are looking for fresh and modern web-browser game because the Monkey King Online can be your next game to play. This game adapts the original movie starred Chow Yun Fat and Donnie Yen several years ago. As we can see, the game tells us about Sun Wu Kong’s story and his friends. As the God of Monkey, Sun Wu Kong claims himself to rule the world including heaven. Consequently, he breaks off the Heaven with his power and it makes him to face Jade Emperor the god of the gods. This is actually a legendary story from Chinese’s ancient. But, it is still interesting to be listened or known by modern people these days.

Not too far from the movie, the Monkey King Online will adapt the same story from its movie. The genre which is used is MMORPG fast action. This is truly addictive because there is some action that should be played by the players. There are four classes in this game. Thus, the players should choose their favorite class like Monkey King, Fox Demon, OX Demon Lord and Iron Fan Princess. As we can see, Monkey King is the favorite class here because you will have a character which good in one on one fight just like Sun Wu Kong. Their signature-weapon of course is the mighty stick of him. Because of this weapon, the Monkey King class is able to reach medium attack-range. Moreover, this class also has seventy two forms skills.

The next class of the Monkey King Online is Ox Demon Lord. This class has specialization on the strength and defense. With giant body, this class is good in short-range fight. The third class is Iron Fan Princess. This class is unique because it has mighty fan as its weapon. This fan will break down everything into the ground easily. However, they are not good in defense because all of the power focus on their attack. Good thing is that the attack range of this class is very far. Thus, you can crush your enemy effectively.

Last but not least, Fox Demon is the fourth class of this game. They specialize on the attack speed and critical hit. Yep, it depends on the customizable skill which you choose. However, they are not good in attack range and mass kill. They are good on one on one battle. That is all of the Monkey King Online review today.